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The perfect photographer for Serbia, Belgrade.

Photographer for Serbia. Photographer for eternity. Photographer for me. Photographer for you. Why this photographer is the best in Serbia.
How to choose the photographer Belgrade. Capture your unique moments
I have been working as a photographer for weddings since 2012. Emotional. Lively. Honest. 
A memory to last a lifetime. Wedding videos are simply unique! They make this moment immortal, the best gift you can give yourself. I shoot individual wedding films for you. Drone footage is also available. Be inspired by my previous wedding projects. I will be happy to advise you on the choice of location and answer all your questions. Of course, I will cater to your wishes during the shoot, and we can create a film you will watch often.
I discovered my love for wedding photography and art at a young age. Meanwhile, since 2012, I have been able to use my talent and passion for photographing weddings and filming others experiencing the happiest moments of their lives - at weddings.
So I specialized mainly in photo reportage and wedding films. However, the variety and authenticity of emotions always fascinate me and challenge me in this profession.
In my opinion, a good wedding photographer is not only characterized by beautiful pictures, but by the talent to capture the RIGHT moment. And that is exactly what I offer you. My job as a wedding photographer is to give a second life to individual moments of your unforgettable day so that you can repeatedly relive this stage of your life.
I focus on capturing the natural and am constantly on the lookout for the moment that is genuinely unadulterated.
I capture your most intimate, romantic, and celebratory moments for eternity.
With over eight years of experience and a trained eye for timeless elegance, I ensure that your most beautiful day is appropriately captured. As a result, your wedding will shine with the unique look you've seen in high-end magazines.
I look forward to getting to know you!
So the time has come to look for a photographer. A childhood dream comes true: you are engaged and will soon say "yes." As a photographer in Serbia, I congratulate you. You are doing the right thing! Getting married is probably the most beautiful thing that a photographer can accompany, and there is :) For years, if not since childhood, you have longed for this day; you have collected ideas and have clear ideas and wishes for the photographer. For your day to be unforgettable and to relax and enjoy this time despite the tension, you need to put the handling of various areas in the hands of professionals - people who do nothing but deal with the wedding all day. As a photographer in Belgrade, I know exactly what it means to get married. As a photographer, I have not only successfully planned our weddings but also photographed many weddings and know what it takes.
Capturing the love of two people fills us with joy and great honor. Our "clients" are much more than that to us. Our goal is not just to be your photographer but your photographer, consultant, companion, and friend. From the personal preliminary meeting with your photographer to the design of your complete stationery to the dinner with your family where the photographer shows you your pictures for the first time: High-end service is the daily standard, we set for ourselves. Booking me as your photographer shouldn't just mean that our clients have found their photographer for the wedding. Booking us should also mean they can check off a big part of their to-do list. As Serbians and Germans, we love foreign countries, mainly Mediterranean locations. Combining this passion for travel with your wedding is our greatest joy. So if you want to get married abroad, don't hesitate to ask us :) Dear people, we would be happy to meet you, Aleksandra. 
I love what I do. Dream wedding portraits in the company of Aleksandra!
Photographer Aleksandra will help you capture your most beautiful memories. Whether it's your wedding day, a family reunion, or a unique moment with your loved ones, we will make it ideal. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, we can travel anywhere to ensure your memories are captured precisely how you want them to be—looking for a way to capture your precious memories? Photographer Aleksandra can help you! With over ten years of experience, we can help you capture your most precious moments in a way that will last a lifetime. Photographer Aleksandra is the perfect solution to capture your best memories. We know how to capture the perfect moment. We offer various services, including couple portraits, family portraits, and wedding photography. You can also hire us for weddings, corporate events, etc. Photographer Aleksandra captures your best memories so you can remember and relive the moment years later. With her natural talent and eye for detail, she creates beautiful portraits you will cherish forever.

Photographer for the world.

Your photographer in Belgrade or your photographer for Serbia. I am glad to be your photographer. I am the right photographer. Your photographer Aleksandra.

Are you looking for a professional photographer in Serbia? Look no further than Photographer Serbia in Belgrade! We specialize in creating beautiful moments for everyone

I am a photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I take photos of weddings, couples, and portraits.

As a photographer in Belgrade, Serbia I just can't help being infected by the power and energy of the people here.

Photographer Serbia
Whether it's a wedding or any other family event, Aleksandra Weddings photographer from Serbia will accompany you with her camera and bring out the most beautiful memories for you. As a Serbian, Aleksandra has a very special eye for the beauty of her homeland. Through her love of photography, she could now share these impressions with others and thus see your surroundings through completely new eyes. Gavrilovic from Serbia

Aleksandra Lemberger is a Serbian wedding photographer who specializes in natural and unique wedding photos. Her photographs are of incredible beauty and expressiveness, reflecting the love and intimacy between the bride and groom. Welcome to my photographer website. I want to be your photographer for Serbia.
If you book me as your photographer you will have the best photographer from Belgrade. 

How much does a photographer cost? 

The question of how much a photographer cost is not easy to answer. It depends on what kind of photography you need and how much experience the photographer has.
Where does a photographer come from?

A photographer is an artist who works with photography. He can be an amateur photographer or a professional photographer and his work can be commercial or artistic. Photographers come from all kinds of countries and cultures and they all have their own view of the world.

A female photographer or a male photographer?

Deciding whether to hire a female photographer or male photographer or a male photographer or female photographer, depends entirely on your own preferences. Some prefer a female photographer because they think female photographers have a better eye for detail. Others, however, like male photographer because they think male photographers have a better sense of perspective and composition.

A photographer from Belgrade or a photographer from Pancevo.

Who is the best photographer?

What do I get from a photographer. Does the photographer have to have studied?

Zaljubljeni venčani par Fotograf_edited.jpg


Aleksandra Weddings Line

Hello, I am Aleksandra. I am very pleased that you found my site.

I will be living in Serbia from August 2023.

You can book me for weddings, couples, and portrait shoots from this date.

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding and looking for a photographer who will preserve your special day?

Are you looking for someone to capture your unique love story forever? 

Do you want to show everyone how in love you are?

Do you want to have an unforgettable day and be photographed in front of the beautiful Serbian landscape?

Then you have come to the right place.

I am excited about this new opportunity and look forward to meeting all my future clients! 


Are you looking for a photographer to capture your unique personality?

What kind of photos do you have in mind?

I am a professional wedding photographer based near Belgrade in Serbia. My specialty is to capture the true essence of couples and their relationship through honest photography.

I believe that every couple deserves to look back on their wedding day and remember all the beautiful moments and heartfelt feelings.

Check out my galleries.

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My name is Aleksandra.

Back home: We are currently planning our move from Germany to Serbia.


I am a Serbian who was born in Germany. My husband Hannes is German, but after 14 years of living with me, he has long since become a Serb.

Our three children, Una, Mateja & Sara, who have Serbian and German citizenship, look forward to living in Serbia.
Starting in August 2023, we will live in the area of Belgrade. We are looking forward to the many new shoots and wedding documentaries we will do for you.

The Balkans, especially Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, are amazing countries to celebrate life and enjoy a wonderful time. 

I love shooting wedding documentaries, portraits, and couples who just want beautiful pictures.



If you want something else, such as maternity photos, children's portraits, or business headshots feel free to contact me.

See you in Serbia!

Fotograf Aleksandra Venčanja
couple Photographer Serbia
Aleksandra weddings line

Couple Engagements

are the perfect way to capture your love and commitment.

I will work with you to create a beautiful and unique experience that

celebrates your relationship.

I offer a range of shoots to suit your needs and

I am sure you will be thrilled with the results.

Feel free to write me and book your shoot.


Take a look at my picture gallery.

Gallery of works



Aleksandra Weddings Line
Wedding Photographer Serbia
Aleksandra weddings line

We believe your wedding photos

should genuinely reflect your personality and style,

which is why we take the time to get to know you

before your big day.

This way, we can capture exactly what you're looking

for in your wedding album. 

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life.

You've dreamed of this day since you were a little girl.

Now that it's finally here, you want everything to be perfect.

But with all the planning and stress that comes with a wedding,

it's easy to forget what this day is really about: making your love for each other clear.

Take a look at my picture gallery.

Portrait Photographer Serbia
Aleksandra weddings line

If you are looking

for a professional photographer

to capture your family's unique moments,

you have come to the right place.

I specialize in portrait photography and business photography.

I will work with you to get the perfect shot.

I am sure you will be happy with my work, and I promise you will love your photos.

Have a look at this gallery and book an appointment with me today.

What our couples say.

Gold Frame

Jana, GER

Aleks accompanied our wedding as a photographer.

An engagement shoot in advance to practice being photographed a bit was included, which we found very pleasant and where we had much fun. The shoot certainly took much tension away from the actual wedding shoot.

Aleks was there from early in the morning until after coffee. Unobtrusive, friendly but determined, with good advice and tips, and in any case, professional. The resulting photos are stunning, and we are delighted.

We can recommend Aleks in any case.

Gold Frame
Gold Frame

What I´m doing!

Aleksandra Weddings Line
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