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The Wedding Documentary will touch your heart and soul.

Aleksandra captured Chrissy & Viktor's wedding in a beautiful documentary style. There are no staged photos or posed shots, just Chrissy & Viktor Wedding Documentary being themselves and enjoying their special day. This candid approach results in some truly stunning images that perfectly capture the joy and love of the wedding Documentary.

“I was so excited when I found this photographer! She has an amazing eye for capturing moments that will last forever. Her photos are beautiful and she makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

The Wedding Documentary Day

“We met at work, and we instantly clicked. We both had a lot of fun together and we knew right away that we wanted to spend our lives together. We were engaged within two months of meeting each other and got married in May 2015. We decided to do a documentary style wedding because we love telling stories through pictures. It was such a special day and we loved every minute of the wedding Documentary

The Pre-Wedding Documentary Shoot

“The pre-wedding shoot was amazing! I was so nervous before the shoot because I didn't really know what to expect. I was expecting to see some pretty photos with my friends and family, but when I saw the final product, I couldn't believe how beautiful everything turned out. My husband and I looked absolutely stunning and I am so happy with the results of the wedding Documentary

The Rehearsal

“I had such an incredible day at the rehearsal shoot. It was so fun to work with Aleksandra on the wedding Documentary again; she made us feel comfortable immediately. She has a very natural style, and her photographs are so unique. We were able to capture moments we would never have thought of otherwise. I'm excited to share these images from the wedding Documentary with our guests and family.”

The Ceremony

“We wanted to do something different wedding Documentary than what everyone else does. We wanted to ensure that our guests knew how much we loved each other before getting married. So we decided to documentary the ceremony first. This allowed us to show our love for one another before we walked down the aisle.”

The After Party

“The after-party was so fun! It was such an intimate setting with only family and friends there. Everyone had a blast dancing and drinking champagne. I think it was the perfect end to our special day and the wedding Documentary

wedding photographer Serbia.jpg

Chrissy and Viktor

Gorgeous free marriage ceremony at the lakeside.

wedding photographer-3965.jpg

Presented by Aleksandra,

Two rings seal the bond for life
and thus begins an eternal quest
for love and happiness in infinite abundance,
no mere promises in a thick shell!

wedding photographer Lakeside.jpg

Photographs have souls.

They capture moments that ought to be loved, valued, saved,

documented, honored, and cherished for a lifetime.

I'm constantly looking for that picture-perfect moment

through the eyes of my lens.


We all want to be recognized for the love we carry,

the passion that drives us, and the value of the special place

we hold on this earth- celebrated for everything that we do.

I am passionate about doing just that for my clients.

The union of two is rarely solitary, yet it is unique to each person, even within a family.
How Chrissy and Viktor experienced their special day was captured by me. Their posed and un-posed moments, reactions of friends, family members, and guests. I want them to go through their photos one, two, three, or fifty years from now and see special moments they missed during the day. In years to come, the memories of their wedding will be wrapped up in the photographs I took.
I was honored to be there to document all of it and tell the story of their beautiful day through candid images full of smiles, tears, and laughs and, seizing these moments with emotional and lovely photographs.

My hand-off approach to this reportage wedding shoot was focused on letting the couple relax and forget that I’m around them and simply go about living in the moment and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Weaving the beautiful tale of Chrissy and Viktor

Aleksandra Weddings

“We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Aleksandra. She put us at ease and was a delight to spend our special day with. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

Chrissy & Viktor

I put a lot of effort into getting to know you and your guests well so that I can get up close and capture the wonderfully amusing and heartwarming moments that make a wedding so unique. I’m the one who will catch your husband’s tears of happiness, your wife’s funny dance floor ‘moves’, and the beautiful glances you share during the vows.

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