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Fall in love with your photos all over again.

Aleksandra Weddings Line

Authentic, artistic, and heartfelt,

Creating images like this is a team effort.

But there's only one thing required on your end to make it happen - a commitment to relax and enjoy the moments.

Whether it's turning off the hustle and bustle of a wedding day and just soaking up all your love for your partner, letting go of everything clamoring for your attention,

or letting go of your sense of self that's all it takes.

The rest is in our hands. In ten years of working with real people, it's become clear that all it takes to make an unforgettable image is a click of the shutter in a split second of total openness, the clothes, the location, and the weather. All these things are secondary to you. The less seriously you take your time in front of the camera, the more those magical split seconds happen. Remember that perfection is an illusion, but love is real when everything else falls apart - a tropical storm on your wedding day or a groomsman rips his pants before the ceremony. Knowing that your photographer has it together, knows what they're doing, and is ready to take the most beautiful photos of yourself you've ever seen regardless of the circumstances - that's what we want for you, and that's what we'll give you. You relax and enjoy the process. Ever seen, regardless of the circumstances - that's what we want for you, and that's what we give. You relax and enjoy the process. Ever seen, no matter what the circumstances - that's what we want for you, and that's what we give.

Here everything revolves around the two of you.

Fotograf Aleksandra: The Most Creative Couple Photographer in Serbia

Couple Fall in love with your photos all over again. After years of being together, it's easy to let the spark fade in your relationship. You get comfortable with each other and stop doing all of the little things that made you fall in love in the first place. If this sounds like your relationship, don't worry – you're not alone. In fact, most couples go through this phase at some point. Luckily, there are ways to bring the spark back into your relationship and make falling in love with your partner all over again easier than you might think. One way to do this is by taking photos together. This may sound cheesy, but bear with us – we promise it'll be worth it! Taking photos together provides a fun activity that can help rekindle the romance between you and your partner. It also gives you a chance to take some beautiful pictures that will serve as reminders of how much you love each other.<br><br>So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera (or phone) and get ready to fall in love with your partner all over again!

There is nothing more precious than the love that connects people.
You take the time for unique joint photos for eternity in a couple of shooting.
It doesn't matter if you are newly in love, parents, already married, or recently engaged - your couple photographer Belgrade will happily accompany you in your life situations.
During the shooting, a change of outfit and location is possible.
I will gladly support you with further questions about photography and posing and look forward to your request.
With your photographer from Belgrade, Serbia, you will get dreamlike results that even your grandchildren will still like to look at.

There is nothing better than photographing people in love in Serbia. I always try to find the perfect light and the most beautiful landscape. Capturing the connection between two people who love each other, are honest, atmospheric and clo,se - just as they are and what they are- is one of the most beautiful things about photography. I love to go on an adventure with you - let's go to the mountains, to the sea, to your favorite place or the lake... and we will capture your love story in pictures.

The best place to let go is within your own four walls. Beautiful pictures of you are created in an exclusive home story with much tranquility. This means moving away from the classic couple photos in the studio with a flash lamp, where everything is perfectly plucked, and everyone looks dutifully into the camera, to the images that tell the real life and your story.
In the process, I'll visit you at home and join you for a morning/afternoon of laughing, cuddling, dancing, cuddling, and joking. Have a pillow fight; turn the music up loud. Or be close, cuddle, cuddle, caress each other. You should feel comfortable, have fun and enjoy the time. The most important thing is to have fun! It is a day just for you. We don't want perfect photos; we want natural snapshots.

TIPS: It's always good to spruce up your apartment/house in Belgrade a little beforehand, but it doesn't have to be sterile; it has to be homely. Large windows and lots of natural light are perfect for great shots. Rooms with lots of natural light coming through from windows, balcony doors, and skylights; however, I capture almost all your house room turns. Your clothes should have as few patterns/prints as possible; neutral colors, jeans, plain shirts, dresses, etc. are best. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. High heels can stay in the closet because you rarely walk around in shoes at home. If you have plain bedding (without pattern), please source it over your current bedding. White, taupe, and gray bedding is particularly suitable.

The Most Creative Couple Fotograf in Serbia!

" Fotograf Aleksandra's couple photography is the perfect way to capture your love! We explain why you should book a session with her and what you can expect.
"Couples are often drawn to my photography because of the unique perspective I bring to capturing their love. My focus is on tonality and how it can be used to create compelling images. I believe that the right mix of light and dark can make an emotional response in viewers that is hard to resist. My work as a portrait photographer has also given me a keen eye for detail. I know how to capture the little moments that make a couple unique. The way he looks at her, the way she laughs – these are the things that I want to capture and preserve. I believe that every couple has a story to tell, and I am honored to be able to help them tell it. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in having me capture your love story.


Aleksandra Weddings Line

The excited lover boy tells an exciting story, and a happy lover girl tells a happy story, all with the help of images I take.

I like photographing the beautiful Moments of you two as a couple using angles that are special and capture all kinds of emotions that you two feel about each other and even during your wedding.

I constantly seek and seize those beautiful moments to seal them forever

I will capture the love, commitment, and care between you two in an artistic way.



As a photographer I don’t like to capture how the couple looks on the outside, I’m passionate to know about the couple before photographing them to know who they are on the inside as individuals- what they love, what are their interests, personalities, passions, how they are feeling (from excitement to wedding jitters to cold feet), favorite traditions they’d like to follow, and their much-loved destinations.

My goal is to match the aesthetic of your couple with a special couple shoot experience whether you want to shoot at the gym where you first laid eyes on each other, while boating, biking, or running your dogs. I love variety, and if your couple is someone who loves it too. We are going to have a wonderful time working together.

All emotions and excitement will be created by me by capturing moments as they unfold before my eyes. This is where my expertise in reportage photography comes in. Photos of couples that are not guided can give us the best pictures that narrate your beautiful, unique story! Your couple’s portraits will not look cheesy in two to five years. In fact, I believe couple photography ought to stand the test of time. Your couple photos will be a blend of storytelling that plays along with movements and lighting to create exclusive art of your love story. Whatever the giving settings are, daylight, night-time, and darkened rooms, I know how to play with the camera to create visually stunning couple shots that you will cherish forever.

“Our couple is camera shy and not comfortable when it comes to being photographed.

But Aleksandra made us appear like models while we had fun and produced even more memories of our shoot day.

She got all the photographs we wanted and even some we didn't expect, all while appearing to be a friend in the room singing along and talking to us.

She is both approachable and plainly knowledgeable.

We’d recommend her 100 times!

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