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But what is Wedding reportage photography about?

Many wedding photographer websites you may see the word "reportage," but what does that mean? It is basically a photojournalistic approach where you tell the story through pictures. We've all heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words," right? A real reportage photographer captures the events as they happen in an unbiased and unobtrusive way. Traditional wedding photographers tend to control the pace and hold up the day by asking everyone to pose for photos. For many, this can be frustrating and the photos lack expressiveness and character.

However, it's not just about pointing the camera and taking the photo. Reportage photographers plan ahead, assess the light around them, schedule their shots, and then wait for the perfect moment to unfold, often unnoticed. The point is not to lurk in the shadows with a long lens. Telling a story requires the photographer to get right in the middle of the action and listen to what's going on around them. Not only does this approach create a sense of perspective, but it also creates artistic images that convey the atmosphere in those moments.

In reportage photography, the goal is to shoot the most powerful images to convey the atmosphere of the event, preserving a moment forever. Reportage shows the emotions of the subjects, and the images make you feel like you were there. The second when the groom cheers after the wedding ceremony, or when the mother of the bride lovingly puts her hand on her daughter's face before going to her fiancé. Reportage photography sees it all, depicts the entire event piece by piece - and most importantly, protects your most precious memories.

To me, reportage photography is the most artistic approach to capturing all that is important to you and the essence of your day.

Creating visual storytelling through reportage wedding photography means that the moments take center stage, while the photographer fades unobtrusively and discreetly into the background. The photographer knows his subject, knows what makes them tick, and knows the importance of creating emotionally-charged, timeless images that the whole family can remember.

Below are some examples from reportage wedding photography from weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing recently:

wedding photographer Serbia. WEDDING DOCUMENTARY Chrissy and Viktor

Chrissy and Viktor

Have a look at this gorgeous free marriage ceremony at the lakeside.

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Kati i Sascha

Kati and Sascha

Come and see this lovely emotionally free wedding ceremony in a greenhouse.

Lisa and Christian

Take a look at this lovely emotional free wedding ceremony in their own backyard.

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Liza i Kristijan

Madlin and Tobi

Have a view on this amazing Wedding Shooting

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Madlin i Tobi


Stella and Lavan

Here I have a lovely civil wedding ceremony for you. 

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Stella i Lavan
svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Elli i Felix

Elli and Felix

Gorgeous boho style wedding shoot

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Steffi i Chris


Steffi and Chris

Get a closer view of this dreamlike free wedding ceremony in Berlin.


Franzi and Flo

Gorgeous wedding in a dreamy castle

svadbeni fotograf Srbija. DOKUMENTARNI FILM ZA VENČANJE Franzi i Flo
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