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Lisa and Christian

On a beautiful, emotional wedding ceremony in their own backyard.


Presented by Aleksandra,

You find love if you do not look for it. But, unfortunately, she has already been cursed with its charm. As much as I was careful, her curse also struck me. And as a target of my love, he chose you.

Capturing a special moment between two isn’t just about

staged photos, it’s about capturing the real,

beautiful moments of sheer emotion,

not only for the couple but for family,

friends, and guests as well.


Lisa and Christian’s wedding in their own backyard was

a wonderful day for a union of two who are made for each other.

They opted for a rustic feel for their wedding with a bit of

a cinematic direction from the daylight but the natural

essence of the whole idea behind their wedding also made everything look put together. Through my lens, you can see how madly in love the two of them are.

I loved to capture their beautiful moments because I live to get creative with my couple’s beautiful wedding stories. Every wedding I shoot has a different tale to tell and as a photographer, I get to see and enjoy the quirks that make each couple unique.  Lisa and Christian wanted me to create beautiful photos of them that not only truly illustrate the love they have for one another but how special their relationship is in every aspect. The images I took of them and their loved ones will tell the story they had envisioned all along while planning their big day. With the photos not posed, rehearsed, or, predicted the reportage wedding shoot shows raw candid moments full of happiness, excitement, and love for one another and those who were in attendance.

“Aleksandra is the best! Thanks for the exceptional pictures you took for us.”


“Aleksandra is a gem, we were so beyond happy to have her as our wedding photographer. Her photographs left us stunned. Every moment she captured looked breathtaking and our album came out beyond beautiful. We highly recommend her to capture the romantic moments of your special day. Thank you so much once again!”



I was very appreciative to be considered as their photographer for their special day. It was a very exciting and special time for me to capture moments of joy and celebration that will live in the form of photographs forever. I am happy to say that this wedding reportage shoot is of the utmost quality that Lisa and Christian can share for generations to come.

Lisa and Christian, the beginning of forever.

Aleksandra Weddings

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