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I love every moment as a photographer in Belgrade.
I want my photos to be well received at every moment.

I am a professional  who loves to take pictures of people and nature. My main goal is to make people happy with my work.

Photography is my magic wand to create so many emotional memories.
As a photographer, I want to impress and make everyone shine here in Belgrade, Serbia.

In my opinion, is not only an art form but also a science. A good Belgrade photographer must understand how light works, what kind of lenses he/she needs, and how to use them properly.

My passion started 10 years ago I bought my first camera - Nikon D3200. I snapped at everything around me, from my family members to my pets. I loved taking pictures of people, especially my children. I took portraits of my friends and relatives. I still remember the mother of one of my best friends telling me that she liked my photos because they were so natural. She said that I captured her daughter's personality perfectly.

The light was one of the first elements that fascinated me in Belgrade.
The enormous magic it creates.
Knowing light at its core is one of the most important things you can achieve as a photographer.

I'm a big fan of using natural light whenever possible. That's because it gives us more control over our images. We can adjust the lighting and composition without worrying about artificial light sources.

When we shoot outside, we must pay attention to the weather conditions. For example, if too much direct sunlight comes in, we might cast shadows on our subject. And if the sky is cloudy, the clouds can make an image completely unrecognizable.

I am a photographer who loves to make others happy. For this reason, my photos always reflect my perception of people.

zaljubljeni par u prirodi.jpg

Capturing your special day, beautifully.

My goal as a photographer is to capture moments that will last forever. I try to capture the beauty of life through my camera. I love to photograph people. I like to photograph weddings and couples the most.

I am a photographer from Belgrade, Serbia. I love to take pictures of people. I especially love to photograph weddings and couples. I believe that the time spent with one's life partner, whether in marriage or before, are among the most beautiful moments in our lives.

Exactly these real and emotional hours I want to capture forever with my camera.

My name is Aleksandra.

I love challenges and am very curious about Belgrade. I am incredibly imaginative and determined. I have been taking pictures for years and taking photographs for ten years. So I laid the foundation for this creative digital world, where I feel very comfortable as a photographer.

I was born and raised in Erlangen, Germany, until the following year when I moved with my family near Belgrade. After that, I taught photography entirely by myself. I have photographed everything from weddings to concerts, sports, portraits, food, architecture, landscapes, animals, children, seniors, families, pets, flowers, interiors, product shots, industrial plants, real estate, wildlife, and travel.

Until it turned out that I wanted to work with people, my absolute favorites were wedding and portrait photography.


My passion for photography began when I was a child. I remember being fascinated by the camera lens and the magic of images. I photographed everything and everyone around me. I loved the process of creating something new and beautiful. I wanted to capture moments in life that were unique and memorable. I began photographing my friends and family and soon realized I had a knack for it. I took classes at the local community college and learned basic techniques. I continued to hone my skills and eventually became a professional photographer.

The Beauty of Belgrade Through the Lens of a Photographer
Photohgrapher Serbia

Timeless moments, captured by me.

Today, I continue to be passionate about photography. I love capturing special moments and telling stories through my images. In addition, photography is a way for me to connect with people and share my world vision.


I am the right photographer from Belgrade. I am the right photographer for you if you are looking for someone creative, passionate, and who will go above and beyond to get the perfect shot. I have been a professional photographer for over ten years and have had my work featured in magazines and online publications. I specialize in fashion, portraiture, and event photography. If you are looking for a Belgrade-based photographer who can capture your unique vision, then I am the right photographer. Contact me today to discuss your project needs.


Are you looking for a photographer from Belgrade? There are many great photographers in the city of Belgrade, so finding the right one for your needs may seem like a daunting task. However, with some research, you can easily find a Belgrade photographer who can capture the images you need. One of the best places to start your search is online. Several websites allow you to search for photographers in Belgrade, and you can narrow down your results by price, location, or specialty. Once you have a few photographers in mind, look at their portfolios to get an idea of their style and see if they would be a good fit for your project. If you still can't decide, try contacting a few photographers on your shortlist and asking for more information about their services. With a little effort, you're sure to find the perfect Belgrade photographer for your next project!

заљубљени пар се љуби у мору zaljubljeni par se ljubi u moru.jpg

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