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Showcase your best self with a Fotograf portrait.

Aleksandra Weddings Line

Get the perfect portrait with Fotograf Aleksandra Serbia's best kept secret.

Portrait Showcase your best self with a Fotograf portrait.

 If you're looking for the perfect portrait, look no further than Fotograf Aleksandra. Aleksandra has a way of capturing her subjects that is both beautiful and unique. Her use of light and shadow creates an ethereal quality to her images, and her composition is always on point. Aleksandra is also great at working with her subjects to bring out their best. In addition, she has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in natural-looking portraits full of personality. So if you're looking for a portrait photographer who can guaranteed perfection, book a session with Fotograf Aleksandra. You won't be disappointed!
Capturing a person's soul is an art form, and few do it better than Fotograf Aleksandra. Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, Aleksandra has an innate understanding of light and shadow, using both to bring out the best in her subjects. Aleksandra will work with you to ensure you're happy with the results, whether you're looking for a casual headshot or a more formal portrait. With an easygoing personality and a keen eye for detail, she puts even the most camera-shy subjects at ease, resulting in natural-looking photos that capture your unique essence. So if you're looking for a talented portrait photographer in Belgrade, Serbia, look no further than Fotograf Aleksandra.

Portrait photography: everything you need to get started
Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres in photography. I can understand that very well, not for nothing is portrait photography my core area, even in advertising photography I work largely with people.

People are the most exciting subject I can imagine. Everyone has his own story and with successful portrait photography it is possible to capture excerpts from these stories in an expressive portrait.

You constantly meet new people in portrait photography and no one is the same as the other.

A portrait also makes the subject happy. (Provided of course the portrait is not a disaster ;)) Which landscape, which architecture or which product is happy about successful photos of itself?

Portrait photography can captivate like no other kind of photography. Have you ever gotten stuck on photos of expressive characters and couldn't stop looking? I do all the time.

After my article on the 230 portraits in 2 days raised a lot of questions, (apart from the setup explained in the article) this article is meant to give you some tips and answers on how to get started with portrait photography yourself.

The term portrait generally refers to depicting a person, or more rarely, of animals. This genre remained reserved for portrait painting for a long time, but today this has changed. With the advent of photography, many different types of portraiture have developed. For example, the shot can show the head, face, or body section in the chest, half-body, or third-body area. A full body shot also falls into the broad category of portrait photography. When converting a portrait into pictures, it is essential to me as a photographer to clearly emphasize the typical character of a person and to capture moods.
Let portrait pictures speak for themselves.
A good portrait photo always shows you your most advantageous side. As a professional photographer, I see my task in presenting your person and profile in the best possible way. A direct frontal shot usually looks stiff and unflattering. From this point of view alone, it makes sense to choose at least a slight profile view. How much profile you ultimately show depends on various criteria. Also, on whether only a single shot or a portrait photo with several people is planned. The overall proportions of the face also play a role in showing prominent facial features in a good view. A charming smile, a refreshingly open laugh, an imposing pose, the hand on the chin, the head tilted slightly to one side, or a dreamy look into the distance - each expression speaks for itself and characterizes the portrait subject. The pictorial language in portrait photography is enormously diverse. I want to introduce it to you.   

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