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Timeless Wedding Photography

Aleksandra Weddings Line


Aleksandra Weddings Line

Hello, I am Aleksandra!

My family and I are still in Germany but we will be in Serbia as of 08/23.

I'm glad you´re visiting my wedding portfolio and I hope you like my content.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer, you've come to the right place! I take great joy and pride in capturing memories of your unique day that will stay with you for a lifetime.

My preferred photographic style is candid and natural.

When it comes to wedding planning, every single detail is of great importance.

I want to help you bring your dream vision to life. A few weeks before the big day, We will do a photo shoot with the bride and groom to find out how comfortable you all are in front of the camera.
This is good for you and me because we get to know each other beforehand and the bride and groom can get an insight into how I photograph. I also get to see how their loved ones behave in front of the camera. 

These images can then be used for save-the-date cards or just privately to capture the little and big moments forever. At a wedding, my goal for my couples is to look back on their photos and relive all the memories of the day. 

I will be available for wedding, couple and portrait shoots in Serbia from August 2023.

You can already make an appointment for photo shoots or hire me for your wedding from August 2023.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Pictures of the Year

Aleksandra Weddings Line

Take a look in my gallery! You'll find all sorts of things in my gallery, from paintings and sketches to photos and sculptures. There's something for everyone in my gallery, so come on in and take a look around!

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. That's why we're dedicated to capturing every special moment, so you can relive your cherished memories for years to come. Fotograf Aleksandra is a Belgrade-based photographer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to capture the perfect shot - whether it's a candid moment or a posed portrait. Contact us today to book your session! We understand how important your wedding day is, and we want to help you capture all of the cherished memories from that day. Fotograf Aleksandra is a professional photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia, specializing in wedding and portrait photography. We believe every wedding is special and unique, and we will work with you to create beautiful, lasting memories of your big day. Timeless Wedding Photography!

As a photographer, I often get asked about weddings. And while I do love photographing them, there is a lot that goes into wedding photography that people don't realize. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're considering hiring a photographer for your big day: 1. Budget

Wedding photography can be expensive, so it's essential to have a budget in mind before you start looking for a photographer. It would help if you also considered whether you want to hire a full-time professional or someone who does it part-time. Full-time professionals will typically have higher rates, but they will also have more experience and usually offer a more comprehensive range of services.

2. Style

There are many different wedding photography styles, so finding one that matches your vision for your big day is essential. For example, do you want traditional posed portraits or something more candid and natural? Do you want black and white photos or color? Ask your potential photographers to see examples of their work to get an idea of their style.

3. Personality

Your wedding photographer will be spending the entire day with you and your spouse, so it's essential to ensure you get along with them. Ask your friends or family if they have recommendations, or look for reviews online. Once you've found a few potential photographers, set up meetings to get to know them better and see if they're the right fit for you. If you're looking for a top-notch wedding photographer in Belgrade, Serbia, look no further than Fotograf. With years of experience and a passion for capturing couples' special moments, Fotograf is the perfect choice to capture your big day. From romantic portraits to candid shots of all the action, Fotograf will ensure you have beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime. So don't wait any longer. Contact Fotograf today to book your wedding photography package! As a professional photographer, I believe every couple deserves beautiful wedding photos they can cherish for a lifetime. That's why I offer my services as a wedding photographer in Belgrade, Serbia. I specialize in couples photography and portraits, and I would be honored to capture your special day.

I understand that weddings can be expensive, so I offer affordable rates for my services. I also provide a variety of packages to choose from so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

If you're looking for a talented and professional wedding photographer in Belgrade, Serbia, please contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you and capturing your special day!


Aleksandra Weddings Line

Through my art and with the help of my camera, I aim to save moments that are intimate and grand that take place as your special wedding day unfolds. Like the smiles and the tears shared while exchanging vows, the first dance, the first kiss as a man and wife.

But what I love the most is capturing and sealing those special moments forever that are lost in ordinary photographs. It’s the nerves before walking the aisle, the excitement when you put on your wedding dress, or the sneaky sideways glances the couple shares when they are about to see each other for the first time all dressed up for the wedding day. These are the beautiful timeless memories that I will capture which will never leave you and stay on your and your family’s walls framed for years to come.


Aleksandra Weddings Line

Before you pick your photographer, decide what type of photography you are looking for.

Do you want a photographer that will guide you about every little thing such as how to stand, pose, look there, look here, now face the camera, and smile?

I’m not a traditional photographer, I won’t take control of your most important day. I’d love to make you feel comfortable rather than directing you where to look, where to stand, where to tilt your head, where to pout, and even how to smile.

I’d capture the genuine emotions that will make you smile for years and years to come. The heartfelt beams with your bridesmaid while getting ready, the groom surrounded by his friends sharing laughter, the emotional state of a father as he walks down the aisle ready to give his daughter away, and the happiness sweeping across the groom’s face as he accepts his bride wholeheartedly in front of everyone. I will capture the silly moments on the dance floor, and the funny beer-chugging sessions.  I will capture everything that is ecstatic, sweet, and 100% raw!

Aleksandra Weddings Line
Aleksandra Weddings Line

You are tying the knot, you’re beautiful, and you’re unique so you deserve the best service that is as unique as you. I don’t work on predetermined ideas of what your wedding pictures should look like, nor do I like to tick-mark a pre-made recipe for your wedding day. Instead, I save moments of your wedding through my camera as your exciting day unfolds, I will be there, every step of the way because I want you to look at your photos a few years from now and experience the same moments again rather than me telling you to fake a memory through planned poses.

Take a look at your wedding day with Aleksandra and relive all the memories.
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