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I am a dedicated wedding photographer from near Belgrade, Serbia. Contact me today if you want to book my services!

"I am a professional wedding photographer from near Belgrade, Serbia. I specialize in weddings and couples and their photos. I take pictures in a natural, genuine, and relaxed way. This way, I create great shots that will last a lifetime."

About me the wedding photographer 

I am a passionate photographer who loves her craft. I am passionate about capturing moments and creating beautiful memories. I believe every bride and groom should have a dream wedding day, which is why I document everything with great dedication and care.

I am excited about the new era of my life as a wedding photographer in Belgrade. But most of all, I am excited to see the numerous different brides and grooms and the gorgeous locations of probably the most beautiful city on earth.

What I do as a wedding photographer.

I specialize in weddings and portraits. I love capturing moments that will last forever. I also enjoy photographing couples looking for something different from what traditional photographers offer.

I stand for natural wedding photography. My announcement to the bride and groom is always, "be gentle with each other." I always try not to give detailed instructions if possible, as I want to photograph the people I see in front of the camera as they are rather than creating paintings.

My style is simple, elegant, and timeless. I believe that every couple deserves to feel special during their big day. I strive to make sure that each moment is captured with care and attention.

I focus on capturing the little moments and details that make your wedding day unique.

I'm a Belgrade-based wedding photographer with a simple, elegant, and timeless style. I believe every couple deserves to feel special on their big day, and I focus on capturing the little moments and details that make your wedding day unique.

If you're planning a wedding in Belgrade or elsewhere in Serbia, I would be honored to be your photographer. I'll capture all the special moments of your big day, from the preparations to the first dance and everything in between. Contact me today to discuss your wedding photography needs!

Why are good wedding pictures so important?

A wedding picture is not only an image of the bride and groom but also a symbol of love, commitment, and family. It is one of those moments when everyone gathers to celebrate the union of two people who will spend the rest of their lives together. Therefore, it is very important to capture these precious moments as accurately as possible.

 Many couples these days are starting to see the importance of having good wedding photos. In the past, it was more about just having a there to document the day. But now, couples realize that these photos will be cherished memories they will look back on for years.

Having a good photographer is essential, but it's also important to have someone who can capture the feeling and emotions of the day. That's why tonality is so important in weddings. The right tonality can convey the feeling of the day and make the photos much more special.

What is it about weddings that you love to photograph?

These are three very different aspects. 
First, there is the photographic difficulty. A is very well planned, but it also requires a lot of spontaneity when photographing, precisely because the decisive moments pass very quickly. Everything happens very quickly and there are often rapid changes in light to which the wedding photographer must react immediately. I have to be able to react to changes in a matter of seconds and always make sure that the pictures are sharp, that I choose the appropriate crop, that the exposure is right and that despite all this I don't lose sight of the big picture. I think in advance about how I want to tell the story of the wedding, i.e. where I use which angle, when I want to get very close to the action and when I shoot from a distance. In my head, the sequence of individual images is created ahead of time and then refined on the wedding day while photographing. This way, I can be sure that the individual, different images will later create a coherent picture of the entire wedding reportage.

Secondly, I am concerned with the personal aspect. At weddings, I always deal with happy and very grateful people. This is actually where I draw my main motivation from. The joy and gratitude of the bride and groom for my work is the most beautiful thing of all.

1. Gather Inspiration There are countless things you could do to celebrate a wedding. But, because the preparation involves so many decisions, it is important to be clear beforehand with the person you're marrying about the framework for the event.

It starts with deciding whether there will be a religious ceremony, a free ceremony, or just the promise from the registrar and ends with asking yourself about the type of invitations you want, the decoration of your tables, and the flowers for your bouquets. If you've done some research beforehand about the possibilities, then your choices will be clear and unambiguous.

No matter how much we love our partners, we often disagree about details. But if we're honest, we'll admit that we'd rather compromise on something small than fight about something big. So before you get married, take a moment to think about what kind of relationship you want. Then make a list of your top priorities. Maybe you want to spend more time together? Or maybe you just want to enjoy each other's company without having to worry about money or kids. Whatever your goals are, write them down. Next, sit down with your partner and talk about your list. Ask him or her what he or she wants too. And remember, you don't have to come to an agreement right away. Just keep talking until you both feel comfortable with the deal.

Planning a wedding takes much thought and consideration. You should start early so you can plan everything down to the smallest detail. Start by deciding on your theme, then choose a venue and invite guests. Once you've done these things, you'll be able to make decisions about food, flowers, music, entertainment, and more.

2. Learn to decline invitations if getting together with friends is too much work (and/or time). For some couples, this is one of the biggest challenges; especially when you're putting aside lots of money for the big day. Because the people who come to them with sound ideas and suggestions really do have your best interest at heart. But - importantly - sometimes they need to accept that you should follow your own gut instincts. So it's vital to turn down invitations if what they suggest conflicts with something you know deep down about yourself. And remember, only the two of you can make these decisions. That's why it’s important to listen to your own body clock.

Don't worry; it happens every day. If something comes up during the ceremony, don't panic! Just take it easy and everything will go smoothly. But, if you'd rather skip the whole thing, let them know why by saying, "No, we've always wanted a traditional wedding, so we're skipping it." And, if you haven't been kidnapped before and need some help getting out, just pick your head up, smile at him, and remind yourself that he won't hurt you.

On your wedding day, no one can reverse time and change your memories after the event. Consequently, the "No" also applies to elements of your plan you dislike or to unexpected events you aren't sure are a good fit for you.

It doesn't matter if you're married or single unless you want to avoid certain things, be clear in telling people what they need to know.

Only people who really matter should be present on your wedding day. Therefore, the single most important “no” you can make is to exclude anyone who doesn't add value to your marriage. You shouldn't include people whose presence would cause problems—after all, the whole point of getting married is so that you can spend the rest of your life with whoever matters to you most. And if someone else does matter to you, they're almost certainly better company than the person whose presence could potentially upset things.

3. choose the wedding dress early
Many women fantasize about what their wedding dress should look like; others are almost overwhelmed by the idea of having to put on a white dress. You should pick it out as early as possible, no matter what dress you want. There is always the risk that a dress will no longer be available.

If you shop traditionally at a bridal fashion store, remember that wedding dresses need to be altered, returned, re-sewn, and fitted. Sometimes that still needs to be done with a back-and-forth. Likewise, you should consider similar considerations when buying shoes because wedding shoes should also be broken in.

It gets even worse if your vendor has long delivery times and you order the dress straight from the catalog after the proposal but can only try it on months later. No bride wants to do this first fitting only a week before the wedding. After all, what if the dress doesn't fit properly or just doesn't look as good on you as you thought it would?

A basic rule in wedding preparation is: the early bird catches the dress.

4. handicraft or order?
Homemade decoration can be very individual, but not everyone succeeds. Therefore, one consideration you should make when preparing for the wedding is what you want to craft yourself and what you prefer to leave to professionals.

This is a question of skill and time because garlands, flower arrangements, seating cards, etc., are often much more elaborate than you think. It is best to choose a few things you are comfortable with and then start ordering the other items from service providers.

Photographers or DJs can also come from your circle of friends. However, you should know precisely what you are getting. If you see the work of friends, that is the safest choice. Otherwise, always have them show you photos or playlists from past weddings to see if the photographer is more of a would-be hobbyist or an undiscovered genius. During an engagement shoot, a photographer can already be tested if necessary.

In principle, DIY actions are an excellent way to save money. However, the decorations or services should be to your taste and quality standard to sweeten this special day.

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