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Aleksandra Weddings Line


Aleksandra Weddings Line
Aleksandra Weddings Line
Aleksandra Weddings Line
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This guide is really my heart's desire.

I have compiled all my knowledge and all my experiences from a variety of weddings for you. 
This guide should be a kind of little guide for you. 
You will find numerous tips and tricks around your big day. 

I hope you enjoy reading, let me inspire you and guide you through planning your wedding!  

Aleksandra and her family

I've been thinking a lot about what makes me different from others.

What should make people want to take me on part of their life journey. What is it?

What makes me different from so many other photographers out there?

I think it's also because I'm always very emotional at a wedding and tears often run down my cheeks.

The reason for this is my compassion and my ability to put myself in the shoes of the bride and groom. It's as if it were my own wedding day.

With my pictures I want to touch people, tell a story, and that is YOUR story.

As natural and true as life itself. 

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to capture true feelings in impressive photos.

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Wedding Photographer Serbia Fotograf Aleksandra Sara&Mateja&Una.jpg

Authentic and unadulterated.

So the most important pictures are created through joy and fun, but that requires the trust of my bridal couples.  

I want to accompany you not only as a wedding photographer, but above all as a friend on this unique day.

Since 2012 my heart beats for photography and I am infinitely grateful that it has become such a big part of my life. 

Through it I go through this world with different eyes and discover so many beautiful moments. 

For a long time I did photography just for myself to recharge my batteries, but soon I found joy in sharing all the beautiful moments with others. 

In the past 10 years, photography has evolved more and more to wedding reportage and couples photography. 

As a wedding photographer,

I can express my creativity without limitations and capture all the wonderful goosebump moments for you.


My personal goal has always been to build a happy and healthy life for myself and my family. 

The fact that I can always have such great people around me makes me overjoyed.  
The man by my side is the love of my life and my best friend. In our daily togetherness, two sweet girls and a little boy provide a lot of variety. 
So you could say our life is an exciting combination of family life, friends, photography and free time.

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Wedding Photographer Serbia Fotograf Aleksandra Getting Ready.jpg

Preparations are a wonderful time on the day of the wedding. Everyone is excited, the mood is still exuberant, and nervousness is not yet felt. 
It is also the time when the bride and groom do not yet get to see each other. All the more beautiful to browse through the photos afterward and see how the counterpart was in the time before the wedding. 


...for detail shots, to have fun with the girls... toast with your buddies after you finally managed to tie the darn bow tie in the tenth video... 

Oh, I could list countless such moments that are unique to Getting Ready. That's exactly why it's such an indispensable part of wedding photos.



No matter where the Getting Ready takes place, the entire room
should be as large and bright as possible.


It is also an advantage if there are no colorful carpets, dark curtains or gaudy wall colors there, because the light will always take on the color of the surroundings.  
But don't worry too much if such things are unavoidable.  

As an experienced wedding photographer, I always just make the best of the given situation and always capture beautiful moments for you.  Of course, you can additionally embellish the space with flowers or decorations that match the style of your wedding.  
You should pay as much attention to the place for the Getting Ready as to the wedding location itself.


If the Getting Ready takes place in the hotel room, please make sure there are no suitcases in the room.

If you feel that your hotel room is too small or there are just too many things, ask the hotel for an empty large room, if one is available, they will surely not refuse it to the bride.

If you want to have your girls, your mother, your sisters or your groomsmen with you, a large empty room is always an advantage.  
The same goes for the guys, of course.  

If the Getting Ready takes place in a hotel, the groom will also be getting ready somewhere, which has the great advantage for me that I only have a very short way to go and so I can also drop in on him. Because great and especially fun Getting Ready pictures can also be made with the guys. 

Wedding Photographer Serbia Fotograf Aleksandra Getting Ready.jpg
Wedding Photographer Serbia Fotograf Aleksandra Jasmin & Matthias.jpg


When getting ready at home, you should also choose the largest and brightest room.

Clear it of things standing around like an  
Ironing board, laundry basket, exercise bike, etc. However, don't be too particular about cleaning up. What I find so exciting about home preparations are the personal details that make up your home.  
Making up your home.

The rooms reveal a lot about you, your dreams and your personality. To be able to incorporate that into the photos is something I find particularly  

When do we start? 

Allow at least an hour for the photos.  

It's better to have an extra half hour to have a glass of champagne in peace than to rush because you're running out of time.  

Maybe you have a mini session planned with your girls. 

I also like to use the time for a few bridal portraits. 

The makeup is fresh, the hair is perfect and you can see the bride's excitement.  



Before the Getting Ready photography starts, I already put all the personal things like jewelry, bouquet, rings, shoes, etc., in one place. 
I like to take care of these lovely things right at the beginning, while the makeup has already started, so the bride can be styled in peace and not always have to jump up to get something. 
Likewise, the guys should do the same.





Since neither the bride nor the groomsmen are usually already in their beautiful wedding dresses at Getting Ready, but many great shots are already taken here, it's a good idea to think about what outfit you'll be wearing for styling. 
A breezy-cut summer dress or maybe a kimono of some sort? 
However, make sure you don't have to take it off over your head and ruin your hair or makeup.

Also, don't wear tops or bras that constrict or leave unsightly marks on your wedding dress.  The groomsmen should also be ready before the bride slips into her dress so that the overall look is coherent. 




You may have also thought of giving each other a gift on your wedding day or writing a few loving lines before you see each other on your big day. The Getting Ready is a wonderful time to open such small attention. 
Here, emotions often take over and very beautiful and especially emotional pictures are created. Since a tear or two often flows here, it might be a good idea to open these attentions before makeup so you don't have to start all over again with styling.

Wedding Photographer Serbia Fotograf Aleksandra


Zaljubljeni venčani par Fotograf_edited.jpg

It's finally here, the moment you've been waiting for so long. You've probably played the moment over in your head a few times, and then, just the blink of an eye later. 
It's probably by far the most emotional wedding moment, so exciting and wonderful. 
The wedding ceremony. 

There are many different forms of getting married, so pick out the tips you can use for your wedding.


No matter who you choose to move in with, whether it's your father, mother, groomsmen, or even your groom, there's really only one thing that matters here: Keep as much distance as possible. 
It is a magical moment when you face each other for the first time on your big day. 
There are so many emotions on your faces that are really worth capturing. 
Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out. 
Or do you even want this moment all to yourself? 
Especially in the church, it is often the case that the priest enters with several altar boys before the bride and groom. 
Or you have flower girls who decorate the way to the altar or registry office with rose petals for you. 
If you walk right behind them, no one can see you because you are obscured.

This is not only a pity for your guests and the groom, if he stands in front and is already waiting for the bride, it is also almost impossible for me to take beautiful photos of you here. Therefore, keep as much distance as possible, about 5-10 meters.  
Let everyone who is moving in front of you walk a bit first. You have all the time in the world because, after all you are the most important people on this day. 

soon it will be continued!

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